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International presentations

1. SIOP 2011 (International Society of Pediatric Oncology)

Oral presentation

Vikas Dua, S.P.Yadav V Dinand, M Ramzan, H Manchanda, A Prakash, A Sachdeva. Sepsis and treatment abandonment as a barrier to improve survival of relapsed ALL- a developing country experience.

Poster presentation

  1. Vikas Dua, SP.Yadav, V Dinand, M Ramzan, A Sachdeva. Should we treat children with Down syndrome and leukemia in the developing world?
  2. Vikas Dua, SP Yadav, M Ramzan, V Dinand, S Bhat, A Sachdeva Thrombosis during induction phase of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia- a single center experience from developing world
  3. M.  Ramzan, SP. Yadav, Vikas Dua, V  Dinand,  A  Sachdeva.  Outcome of Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia: a developing country experience.
  4. M.Ramzan, S.P.Yadav, Vikas Dua, V Dinand, H Manchanda, A Sachdeva. Treatment abandonment is a major hurdle for improving survival in childhood cancer in the developing world.
  5. M.Ramzan, S.P.Yadav, Vikas Dua, V Dinand, A Sachdeva, C Wattal. Dengue fever as a cause of febrile neutropenia in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
  6. M. Ramzan, S.P.Yadav, Vikas Dua, VDinand, H Manchanda, A Prakash, A Sachdeva. Treatment and outcome of infant acute lymphoblastic leukemia in developing world: a single centre experience.
  7. V Dinand,  J Oberoi, Vikas  Dua, M  Ramzan,  H  Manchanda, A Prakash,  SP.  Yadav, C Wattal, A Sachdeva.  Invasive fungal infections in pediatric oncology patients – a single centre experience.
  8. A Prakash, V Dinand, M Ramzan, Vikas Dua, SP Yadav, A Sachdeva. Spectrum of pediatric rhabdomyosarcoma: a single centre experience.
  9. A Prakash, Vikas Dua, M. Ramzan, V Dinand, SP Yadav, A Sachdeva. Clinical profile, management and outcome of neuroblastoma: a developing country experience.

2. ISH 2010 (International Society of Hematology)

Poster Presentation

Dua V, Yadav V, Sachdeva A. Mortality in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia – A single centre experience

3. PHOCON 2011


  1. Vikas Dua, SP Yadav . The other side of Asparaginase.
  2. Vikas Dua, SP Yadav, V Dinand, A Sachdeva. Imatinab in Ph+ve ALL In children.
  3. Vikas Dua, SP Yadav, V Kumar, R Puri, IC Verma, S Ellard, A Sachdeva. Thiamine Responsive megaloblastic anemia with a novel SLC 19 A2 Mutation presenting with myeloid maturation arrest.
  4. Vikas Dua, SP Yadav, MRamzan, A Sachdeva. Post-transplant EBV infection successfully treated with Rituximab.
  5. Bilateral Wilms tumor: Cure is a therapeutic challenge in developing world M. Ramzan,1 SP Yadav1,  Vikas Dua1 , H Manchanda, 1 A Prasad2, A Sachdeva1
  6. Dengue  Fever  Causing  Febrile  Neutropenia  in  Children  with  Acute  Lymphoblastic  Leukemia:  An Unknown Entity. M.Ramzan1, SP Yadav,1 Vikas Dua,1 V Dinand,1  H Manchanda1, C Wattal,2 A Sachdeva1
  7. Griscelli Syndrome:  A Rare and Fatal Immunodeficiency Disorder.  M.Ramzan, S.P.Yadav,  Vikas  Dua, V Dinand, N Dhingra, A Sachdeva
  8. Isolated Mediastinal Mass in an Young Infant: As Langerhans Cell histiocytosis M. Ramzan, SP Yadav, Vikas Dua, N Rastogi, A Sachdeva
  9. Successful Matched Sibling Donor Stem Cell Transplant in Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia M. Ramzan, SP Yadav, Vikas Dua, U Singh, A Sachdeva
  10. Primary immunodeficiency-Hospital based Registry Early Days. V Chinnabhandar, S.P Yadav,  Vikas Dua, N Dhingra, A Sachdeva
  11. Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis: Impact of risk organ involvement M Ramzan, SP YadavVikas Dua, H Manchanda, U Singh, A Sachdeva

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