Sickle cell anemia is a blood-related disease, which is hereditary and children get this disease from their parents.  The disease is found in Americans especially those whose origin is African. In this disease, the structure of hemoglobin is changed which makes the red blood cells stiff and the cells are converted into sickle form. Patients can go to BMT Clinic for the treatment.

The sickle cell treatment through many children has been treated successfully by bone marrow transplant. This therapy is not good for adults as it can result in the formation of toxins. The bone marrow, which is the cause of sickle cell disease, is destroyed with the help of chemotherapy and then the new bone marrow is transplanted.

After the transplantation, the patient has to take medicines for a few months to a year. These medicines are immunosuppressant and also have side effects. This solution is not perfect as research has shown that after the transplantation, the disease was reversed. This is because the recipient’s cells were attacked by the donor cells. The research has shown that only a few persons got rid of the disease fully.

The patient must be aware of the fact the donor should be his brother or sister. The transplantation is not easy and should be opted when there is a high risk of death due to the disease. The patients suffering from sickle cell disease sometimes show no symptoms and sometimes severe symptoms occur. If a child is severely injured, then the disease can be diagnosed. Bone marrow transplantation is not good for the people who suffer from kidney related disease, which occurred due to sick cell disease.

The donors who have umbilical cord blood and hematopoietic cells are preferred as donors for sickle cell anemia. In the case of children, the transplantation can be done before any severe injury. Transplantation is correct for those children who may suffer strokes due to the disease but not good for the child who is living a normal life in spite of the disease.

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