India is considered among the best in international medical tourism destinations. Patients get excellent healthcare services in India. Many foreign nationals worry about the quality of facilities and care they will receive out of the country. There are many well qualified doctors and hospitals in India. Medical procedures often cost half as much (or less) in India as compared to the U.S & Europe. Even including the cost of travel and a hotel stay, it can be cheaper to have procedures done out of the motherland than to have them done at home. Low cost treatment does not necessarily mean lower healthcare standards.

To start with, following are the proceedings required:

  1. Online Consultation:  Firstly, contact BMT Clinic team or Dr Vikas Dua directly to get complete consultation to know about BMT procedure for your loved one.
  2. Patient’s Medical History: Send the complete medical details & history about the patient with relevant medical reports so that Doctor can analyze the medical condition of the patient and guide you accordingly.
  3. Identify the donor: Identify the donor for BMT procedure among patient’s siblings or parents or unrelated donor (if required) through HLA typing test
  4. Passport Copies: Send us the Passport Copies of the Patient, Donor and Attendants visiting India.
  5. Medical Visa Invite: We will send you Medical Visa Invite for all the travellers, so that you can apply for urgent Indian Medical Visa in Indian Embassy in your home country. Also a copy will be sent to Indian Embassy from our Transplant centre to mobilize the Visa issuance process.
  6. Plan your Travel: After receiving Medical Visa, plan your travel to India.
  7. Flight Bookings: Our support staff can also assist in booking affordable flight tickets as well from your home country to New Delhi, India through our travel partner.
  8. Accommodation: Regarding accommodation here in India, there are several type of options available near the hospital for patient’s and attendant’s convenience, where the administration people take good care of the patient’s and attendant’s needs. So let us know your preferred budget and type of accommodation required. All the basic needs also will be accessed easily near the Hotel/ Guest House from the nearby markets. Our team will be looking after you 24/7 to guide you at each step. We also will facilitate travel within the city for local sight-seeing.

Basic categories

  • Local Guest House with Common Kitchen with other guests for 2 persons and child
  • Hotel with Breakfast for 2 persons and child
  • Guest House with Deluxe room for 2 persons and child, Hall and Kitchen to cook

In case of Single occupancy, i.e., 1 person the costs will be lower.

9. Arrival in India: After your arrival in India for BMT procedure, Hospital representative will come to pick you up from New Delhi Airport, India and will drop you to the hotel/ guest house, where you can relax for the day and visit our Transplant Centre at your convenience to start with the pre-evaluation process for BMT procedure.



We are here to help you get reliable, easy-to-understand information from planning your travel to India for Bone Marrow Transplant procedure, treatment through recovery. CONTACT US anytime on Phone/ Whats App +91 7015677759 or email us at or email us for confidential, one-on-one support from caring experts. We’ll listen and help you find answers.

BMT Clinic team can help you and your family plan for transplant. We can answer your questions and provide support and education to help you navigate your transplant journey by guiding you at each step.

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