Sickle Cell Diseases

In today’s busy and hectic schedule, where people do not have time for caring about their health which can cause lots of diseases to them which apparently affects their body and weaken their health but sometimes they get busy in their life in such a way, that they even ignore the symptoms of the diseases and at last it doesn’t ends well. And nowadays in the world people are suffering from different diseases even you haven’t listen about their names but now our technology has also get advanced through which there is a solution for every disease.

What is Sickle Cell Diseases?

Sickle cell diseases a disorder of hemoglobin it is the molecules which are present in red blood cells which help in delivering oxygen to the cells in the whole body. People who are suffering from the disorder have typical hemoglobin molecules known as hemoglobin S that can distort red blood cells into the sickle shape. In Sickle Cell Diseases red blood cells take the shapes of sickle shape or crescent shape because of which cells die early and which can cause a shortage of red blood cells in the body and through the sickle cells blocks the flow of blood which cause in pains in the whole body.

What are the Symptoms?

Symptoms of Sickle Cell disease present at the birth of the child but sometimes it is not able to look until the child is more than four years old. Symptoms of the sickle diseases also vary from person to person as in some human being it shows mild and some person it causes severe action which can require admit in hospital. The common symptoms of diseases linked with the anemia. Anemia is a condition in which red blood cells formed in fewer number people who are suffering from anemia do not have sufficient red blood cells in their body which help in delivery oxygen which result people feel tired and weak. The most common symptom of the Sickle Cell Diseases is fatigue. If a particular person is suffering from the last long and severe diseases of anemia then it can also damage the lungs, heart, kidney, brain, and other organs of the body. Most of the people who are suffering from Sickle Cell Diseases also live their life in pain especially in their bones there are some more symptoms of the Sickle Cell Diseases such as.

•    Pain in chest

•    Due to anemia skin gets pale

•    The problem at the time of breathing

•    Ulcer in the leg which does not heal

•    Yellow skin and eyes or jaundices

Diagnoses of these Diseases

Diagnosis of Sickle Cell diseases is very important and it can prevent form sever problem to people and it can be diagnosed with doing a normal blood test. Now doctors can also check diagnosis sickle cells before the birth of a child by testing of amniotic fluid and tissues from the mother womb and it is done in the first week of pregnancy.

Treatment and Recent Development

Treating the Sickle Cell Diseases means treating of pain, prevention form organ damage, and controlling of complications which person suffer. For mild pain, they treated with the medicines and heating pads and for severe pain, it treated in hospital with the administration of the medicine known as hydroxyurea. Child below the age of 5 years old given daily with penicillin and routine vaccination, if the anemia gets worse it is treated with the blood transfusion and if the patient is suffering from acute problem then they have to transfusion in monthly or yearly manner and you can also get Sickle Cell treatment in India with best quality and efficiency with expert doctors and knowledge of diseases.

Recent Development about Sickle Cell

In today’s high technology world there is research of many ways in which doctors can cure the Sickle Cell Diseases in the form of bone marrow it can perfectly cure the patient but it is little bit risk also, gene therapy in this they are researching that person with normal red blood cells gens can be transfer into the Sickle Cell Diseases person and increases in the number of red blood cells and researching of new medicines.

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